Because swimming is a technique-driven sport, the differences which exist between elite swimmers are often due to disparities in technique and skill, rather than any significant variation in training regimes. Whether an absolute beginner apprehensive about water or a triathlete wishing to improve a specific element of stroke technique, FastFins® offer a comprehensive range of expert swimming courses to help all our swimmers realize their personal objectives.

Whichever swimming discipline is being pursued, our knowledgeable coaching staff help FastFins® swimmers improve their stroke technique and endurance, thereby raising the standard of their swimming – fast. Adult swimming courses are offered on a 1:1 or group tuition basis. There are three distinct teaching and coaching levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced.
FastFins® run adult swimming courses for absolute beginners, as well as for those with a basic grasp of swimming, but who lack technique in the the two long-axis swimming strokes – front-crawl and back-stroke.

Taught from the water, our 1:1 or 2:1 courses incorporate the following components: water adjustment, safety skills, confidence-building, submergence, breathing control, balance and co-ordination; the crucial skills of floating, gliding and kicking; developing an appreciation of water; the basic dynamics of propulsion; the bio-mechanics of back-stroke and front-crawl, whilst improving deep water confidence.

However, adults who can swim breast-stroke only will have to enrol for beginners’ classes to learn both front-crawl and back-stroke. Once beginners have achieved the required minimum standard, they may, at the discretion of the FastFins® coach, progress to the intermediate level, joining other swimmers of a similar standard in one of our group sessions.

Our beginners courses comprise four or 10x 30 or 60 minute classes and may be booked at mutually-convenient times during the week or at weekends.
For intermediate swimmers, our focus is primarily on stroke-correction and refinement (rhythm and timing) in back-stroke and front-crawl, whilst ensuring that an optimum, streamlined body position is both adopted and maintained. This is crucial if a swimmer is to conserve energy, improve fitness levels and acquire greater swimming stamina. Additionally, FastFins® provide instruction in bilateral breathing, tumble turns and racing dives before introducing breast-stroke and butterfly.

Please note that an adult who can swim breast-stroke only, but not front-crawl and back-stroke, will not be able to join our intermediate level. He/she will need to book an initial course of 1:1 lessons.
Our advanced swimming courses are designed for competent swimmers wishing to hone their technique in all four strokes and push the limits of personal endurance. The emphasis is placed on stroke efficiency and speed training, plus distance swimming and challenge times – the ultimate swimming for fitness workout for the advanced swimmer!

The open water swim comprises the shortest component of a triathlon competition. However, if performed proficiently, this discipline can contribute significantly to a triathlete's final position on competition day. For this reason, a balanced swimming training regime should form a central part of every triathlete's event preparations. Time spent perfecting front-crawl technique and a streamlined body position, while learning how to improve aerobic endurance and energy conservation, will serve the modern triathlete well. A proficient swimmer is a more accomplished triathlete!
Imperial College Students & Staff, Ethos Members & FastFins® Parents
Our 1:1 classes cost £40.00 per person for 30’ or £60.00 for 60’
Our 2:1 classes cost £25.00 per person for 30’ or £45.00 for 60’

Our 1:1 classes cost £55.00 per person for 30’ or £75.00 for 60’
Our 2:1 classes cost £40.00 per person for 30’ or £60.00 for 60’

After attending an initial FastFins® lesson, subsequent classes must be booked in blocks of 10 (for the price of nine).
All prices include VAT. Registration No. 889 4909 43
As we will only be running 10 sessions blocks.

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